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Here’s what I’ve learned about using Pinterest for your Business.

The growth of Pinterest is nothing but amazing!  It’s very easy to learn, it’s very visual, and the ability to link your pins and photos back to your business blog or website is huge!

Here’s a infographic from Mashable on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/pin/52284045643958289/

I find that I’m using Pinterest for these 3 main reasons:

1)      Graphics tell a story and help you connect with people much quicker than words alone, such as a blog post.  In social media, we are all trying to get our clients to know, like and trust us first.  Then Sharing our knowledge, ideas, and likes. Pinterest does just that.  Your personality comes through on your Pins as well as the unique Boards you create and share.

2)      Pinterest is like window shopping as you get to see a picture that then links to a URL with a full description of your product or your affiliate product.  Now, who does not like Window Shopping?  The rise of online shopping has increased and continues to go up.  It’s convenient, easy and available 24 | 7.  Local businesses as well as online businesses can utilize this outstanding Social Media and reach more actual shoppers who will become customers.

3)      Increase in Traffic and Referrals has been provenPinterest is referring more “eyes” than Facebook, and Twitter.  As of As of January 2012, Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of referral traffic. (Shareaholic). A call-to-action pin description sees an 80% increase in engagement. (Pinerly Study). Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors referred from non-social channels, including search, according to industry reports. (Wayfair). In the month of March 2012, HubSpot‘s visitor-to-lead conversion rate for Pinterest was 15%, compared to just 9% from Google+. (HubSpot)

Also……NEW for WP Users……..
Just announced this week, a new Word Press Plug In WP Pinner which will be available soon, to manage your Pinterest account from your WP Dashboard will be available soon.  Sign up here:  http://wppinner.com/?ref=C3Zhf

You’ll be able to:

  • Auto-Pin WordPress Posts
  • Schedule your Pins during the day
  • Auto-follow Pinterest Users
  • Keep Track of your Pinterest Stats
  • It’s being advertised as 100%  FREE
  • Runs on your WP Admin Dashboard

Here’s what Entrepreneur.com is saying about Pinteresthttp://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222740 

There you have it my reasons for loving Pinterest, so go out and get Pinning now!

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