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contentiskingContent that is awesomely created and has excellent information will be worth nothing if it is not shared and spread out to the rest of the world. Who doesn’t want to be associated with the next big thing? Well, your answer obviously will be “not me!” because you have visited this site in the first place. Though we always strive for perfection, at times we may fall short of it, but this is part of life that is expected of each and every one of us. Even though your post or content does not go viral, it doesn’t mean that that is the end. You need just a little bit more effort to make it everyone’s talk.

So you ask, “And what is this thing that can be done for my content to spread like bush fire in the internet?” Well, my answers to this question will not be so much effective if action is not taken right now, but nonetheless, have the following tips in mind as you create content;

1. Know whom you are writing to – Getting to know who your subjects are, what they want, their needs, and possibly their current problems will make your writing task easy. Addressing these needs and giving them ways of getting solutions will give your content a force to reckon with.

 2. Learn to segment your audience – Your readers possibly fall in different categories for example age, gender, interests, and location hence their needs as well. Having these varied needs and different levels of knowledge means each category may need its own content for its own needs. Having a clear mind of which category to develop content for makes it of more value to the group and more welcome.

3. Make your content clear – You are not writing content for yourself but for different people otherwise you wouldn’t be worried of making it sharable. Forget about how knowledgeable you are, just develop content that is easy to read and understand. Make it clear and concise while avoiding repetition.

4. Make the content actionable – Forget about lecturing, just teach. The content that acts as a guide to something is the most valuable as compared to an opinion-like content. Well, I am not giving you my opinion but I am telling you the fact!

5. Prove your point using examples – You’ve lived in a world of stories and most probably, you value stories that demonstrate the results of a particular expertise. Try to explain how you have used your expertise for the success of your business, or better still, share what your customers have benefited from your product or service. I am only giving an example, hope you buy it.

6. Back up your stories with statistics – Learn to be more credible by using more statistics for your industry and company performance. People will tend to engage more on content that has pictures and videos than just a plain content.

7. Entertain – Who doesn’t like to laugh? With the fact that reading reduces stress up to a third in only 5 minutes, I don’t think that that a stressed person will be willing to read that boring content. So do something, go out of the obvious and entertain. I am sorry though if I didn’t entertain or make you laugh on the way.


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