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LinkedIn is new and updated.  Your Business Customers are probably accessing LinkedIn every single  Day.  Request a copy of my THE NEW LINKEDIN report today and gain new customers and revenues from LinkedIn.   Click on the Link Below and get instant access.  (remember to check your email to activate the download)


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This Infographic, courtesy of visualeconomics.com confirms that yes, Content is King!

  • 42% of online users are viewing content
  • 22% are using social networking
  • 36% are emailing, shopping etc.

This is why it’s so very important for you to have an online presence, with GREAT information on your website for visitors to consume.

Your SEO structured Word Press website should have these important elements:

  •  A Blog
  • An About You Page (make it interesting)
  • An Opt in Box (offering a sample of your work for free) This helps you create a list of visitors interested in your work that you can communicate with in the future.
  •  A description of your services
  •  A way to contact you via email, telephone, fax, Skype etc.
  •  A for the Press page, if you are a speaker, author or coach

It’s not surprising that Google is the #1 site visited.  We already knew that.  It’s also very important that you create consistent content for your website to help increase your Google rank and strive to get on page #1 of Google.  Many online searchers don’t venture past the Google page #1 companies, when they are looking for possible companies to work with or products to purchase.

What are your thoughts on this Infographic?  Are they typical of your online activity? Are you comfortable with your online presence?


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Have you and your followers embraced Google + yet?  Do you find it hard to use, or easy to understand?  Is it just  not as much fun as Facebook or Twitter?

Could be any number of these reasons and more why the number of daily users of Google + is not growing as fast, say as the tribe on Pinterest.

Here’s an informative infographic showing the stats.


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