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Cool Twitter Tip

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This tool runs an analysis of the last 1000 Twitter Followers and lets you know when they are online, therefore allowing you to get the most exposure for your tweets!  It’s very useful data that you can utilize to plan your Twitter Strategies and Marketing.

  • Most of my followers are online between 4pm – 6 pm ET on Weekdays
  • On weekends it changes to most online between 1pm – 4pm ET

The FREE report also gives you your @reply stats.  Pretty Cool, huh?

With this data you can be more strategic and plan your Twitter activity so your followers will be online to see, converse and interact with you more often.  And wouldn’t it make sense to coordinate your BufferApp schedule to these times?

I highly recommend you order the FREE report, or you may wish to join their paid program. TWERIOD

Now go and get your report and let me know if you were surprised at the analysis! @carlenetb

Take a look at my findings:



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